Greet the Gurls Series | Ep.07 | Laura

Welcome back to our ‘Greet the Gurls‘ series

…where we introduce you to the faces behind the emails, organising, costings, baking, decorating, filling preps, creative conceptualising, stock takes and ordering, kitchen deep cleans, the difficult team conversations… those on the receiving end of all your ‘I’m a happy (or not so happy customer’ mails. The sweet and fierce Gurls behind the magic.

Here’s episode seven with one of our Cake Designers, Laura Gelant.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Born and raised in Cape Town, from the south side.

Q: What did you do before SLH?

A: I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything after high school, from waitress, bartender, barber, bookkeeping, Au pairing, PA and interning as a Food Technologist/QA. I studied Food Technology after school and baked a few cakes for friends and family.

Q: What’s your approach to getting inspired for cake designing or any creative project?

A: I find that looking at non cake related art and just everyday structures and nature to be really inspiring. Some of the best inspo comes when I’m just doing everyday things.

Q: Any top tips for coming up with a colour palette that will work in your cake design?

A: Nature again, but looking at fashion trends for different seasons is great and instagram and Pinterest always gives amazing colour combos that are complimentary.

Q: Most cakes you’ve frosted in a day?

A: Sherbs, very difficult to say because I find myself doing a combo of smaller and tiered cakes. But anything from 7-8 regular cakes and probably 50+ small cakes but its always a team effort which is the best for pumping out big orders.

Q: Favourite cake project worked on to date?

A: So tricky, Lionheart has given me the opportunity to work on some epic concepts that I would never thought possible. Most recently probably our savoury regal cakes and a realistic pizza cake was a highlight this year. Favourite of all time would be any of the larger buttercream floral cakes. Piping flowers brings me a lot of joy.

Q: What’s your fave sweet treat?

A: Cooookiiiiessss! *cookie monster voice*. Gimme a spicy ginger or lemon cookie any day.

Q: What’s your fave savoury food or snack?

A: Korean food for sure, any noodle dish is winner.

Q: What do you do when you’re not making insanely beautiful cakes?

A: When the weather is on my side you’ll find me in the garden definitely and doing anything crafty/DIY project related. I really enjoy making things with my hands.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world to visit for a holiday where would you want to go?

A: A food vacay, I’d love to go to Korea one day and Italy for sure.

We’re all done catching up with Laura! 🥳 The last Greet the Gurls ‘episode’ will be coming up in a week – don’t miss out!

Stay sweet! 😘

The SLH Gurls