Greet the Gurls Series | Ep.06 | Tarryn

Welcome back to our ‘Greet the Gurls‘ series

…where we introduce you to the faces behind the emails, organising, costings, baking, decorating, filling preps, creative conceptualising, stock takes and ordering, kitchen deep cleans, the difficult team conversations… those on the receiving end of all your ‘I’m a happy (or not so happy customer’ mails. The sweet and fierce Gurls behind the magic.

Here’s episode six with our Baker, Tarryn Hyde.

*FUN FACT: Tarryn is the first employee to ever join the SLH team!*

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Q: Where are you from?

A: Jozi

Q: What did you do before SLH?

A: Worked as an Aesthetic therapist in a medical practice.

Q: What’s your baking speciality?

A: According to the SLH girls my doughnuts 🍩 are the best in the bizz.

Q: Whats the most cake you’ve baked in a day?

A: Haha how long is a piece of string 😝…. but a guesstimate would be around 50/60kg’s of batter 😝 So a cake human 😂

Q: You love to work out – how do you balance gym and allll the cake?!

A: A lot of self control and discipline but every thing in moderation. I train to eat cake 💪🏻

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Q: What’s your fave sweet treat?

A: Too many on the list 🙈 More like Top 10 favs 😂 Cheesecake is definitely one of them or a lush custard filled pastry 🤤…Anything chocolaty and caramelly 😍

Q: What’s your fave savoury food or snack?

A: Pizza 🍕

Q: What do you do when you’re not baking up a storm in the SLH kitchen?

A: Gyming 😂💪🏻 & Hanging out with some cool people 😎

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world to visit for a holiday where would you want to go?

A: Travel is priceless so everywhere 😍 But Greece and Iceland 🇬🇷 🇮🇸

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We’re all baked out with Tarryn! 🥳 The next Greet the Gurls ‘episode’ will be coming your way again soon so stay tuned!

Stay sweet! 😘

The SLH Gurls