Greet the Gurls Series | Ep.01 | Lyndal

We’re pretty sure you know ALL about our deliciously beautiful cakes. But how much do you know about the Gurls behind them?

We thought it’s time to introduce you to the faces behind the emails, organising, costings, baking, decorating, filling preps, creative conceptualising, stock takes and ordering, kitchen deep cleans, the difficult team conversations… those on the receiving end of all your ‘I’m a happy (or not so happy customer’ mails. The sweet and fierce Gurls behind the magic.

Welcome to our ‘Greet the Gurls‘ series. Here’s episode one with our Operations Manager and Creative Liason, Lyndal Wakeford.

lyndal01 1

Q: Where are you from?

A: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Q: What did you do before SLH?

A: A lot of things, lol – I worked as a chef at a top 10 restaurant, had my own bakery for 2 years, managed the front of house at Chefs and have worked in international recruitment of chefs and waiters.

Q: Top tips for staying on top of things and organised?

A: Lists, lists and more lists!

Q: The most emails you’ve opened your inbox to?

A: Aside from returning from a weeks leave when it was over 80 – a normal day max. would be around 45 emails!

Q: Favourite cake project you’ve worked on with a client and the team?

A: That’s a tough one! Little miss Stella was a fun one! And the Sharpei one way exceeded my expectations.

Left: Custom Sharpei Cake | Right: Custom ‘Little Miss’ Cake

Q: What’s your fave sweet treat?

A: All the sweet treats, lol!!! But prob cookies, esp our bday confetti ones

Q: What’s your fave savoury food or snack?

A: I have a weakness for chips (like Lays or the Woolworths Rosemary Potato Chips)

Q: What do you do when you’re not making sure life in the SLH studio is running sweetly and smoothly?

A: Yoga, church and time with friends

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world to visit for a holiday where would you want to go?

A: To visit my best friend in Hong Kong


That’s it from Lyndal! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Greet the Gurls ‘episode’!

Stay sweet! 😘

The SLH Gurls