Every Month is Womxns Month!

As a South African women-only team the month of August is an important one for us.

Every year the country pays tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This year, 2022, marks the 66th anniversary since this march of these incredibly brave women.

Although being independent females is something we pride ourselves on daily, we particularly celebrate our strength and resilience as women in our country during this time. Women’s Month allows us the time to reflect on how far we have come in transforming as a society (although not perfect) and to shine a light on gender oppression, patriarchy, sexism, racism and other issues around inequality in order to engage in meaningful conversations to move towards change.

Here’s a little video from the SLH Gurls on what Women’s Month means to us:

Video credit: Marguerite Faure

The SLH Cake Decorators – Natalie, Laura and Amber

Our team of bad-ass gurls from all walks of life make it our daily mission to make our city a sweeter place, pooling our strengths together to do this – one cake at a time.

To sprinkle our sweetness just a little further this Womxns Month we embarked on a sweet & fierce mission by identifying a couple of incredible local womxn making waves in their respective industries and treating them to a cake as bold as they are!

Leopard Print + Glitter Cherry Mini Cakes

Each cake was lovingly crafted by the SLH team, adorned with glitter fruit and packaged into a custom mini cake box designed specially for the occasion. We couldn’t think of a sweeter way to celebrate YOU!

‘Womxns Month Mini Cake’ Custom packaging
It’s all in the details with what we do!

Looking for some corporate gifting ideas? If you like the look of our custom cake boxes and mini cakes and are keen to order for your next corporate gifting gig, feel free to get in touch via our corporate gifting and workshop page on our website.

SAWFB Mini Cakes

During August, we also decided to give back in a different way (along with your help of course)… with our SAWFB Mini Cakes. These sweet affirmation cakes were available for pre-order for the entire month and each cake that was purchased we pledged to give R50 to the NPO SA Women Fight Back.

SAWFB started out as a Facebook group back in 2019 and has grown to a community of over 250 000 womxn working to build networks providing safe havens for gender based violence (GBV) survivors where they can have a voice, share their stories of abuse, trauma, loss, seek help, and confide in each other.

With your help we were able to donate R2650 to the cause!

Meet the team! From left: Tarryn (baker), Shannon (intern), Yolo (kitchen assistant), Natalie (kitchen manager and cake designer), Laura (cake designer), Simone (retail assistant). Front: Lyndal (operations manager) and Amber (cake designer)
Nikki Symons, Sweet LionHeart Founder & Creative Director

Thank you to those that allowed us to spoil them and to each and every one of you that helped us make a difference… Lastly, to each and every womxn out there – Stay sweet. Stay fierce!

The SLH Gurls