Tucked away in Salt River, the LionHeart Gurls host small hands-on cake workshops for the sweet at heart.
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I’ve attended two workshops hosted by Sweet LionHeart. Not were they just informative they were fun and exciting too! Nikki and her amazing team were always there to assist and you leave these workshops richer with the knowledge you’ve gained and so much more inspired because of all the passion they put into what they do. You don’t just see it you can feel it too!

– Rubina Ahmed

What a fabulous bunch of Gurls, the energy and vibe of the place is just palpable the minute you walk into the studio. I came in expecting to learn the stone buttercream and florals cake, but I learnt soooo much more, esp the basics which I was just “winging it” till now . If you love baking , this is the best Sunday you can spend.

– Ashima Manek

The experience you will receive at sweet lion heart is the same experience that you get when you taste your cake you just made, a fountain of flavors that caress your palate and give you this amazing feeling of accomplishment. A truly magical experience. I believe everyone needs to experience this atleast once in their lives.

– Gabby Kater

LionHeart workshops are a great opportunity to flex your creative muscle and sample the most delicious cakes in the country.  The facilitators are highly engaging and encourage you every step of the way. They have the ability to suit every learning style and create an exciting environment that will make anyone, even a novice like me, become fearless. This experience has completely fed my soul and ignited a passion in me that is inspiring joy even long after. Thank you LionHeart team for showing me what I was capable of. I look forward to even more.

– Robyn Newman

The girls from Sweet Lionheart couldn’t be any more welcoming! It is so refreshing to meet and engage with bakers who are so willing to share their knowledge and precious tips. If you’re looking to walk away from an experience feeling inspired and ready to bake up a storm, then these workshops are for you!

– Roxy Goddard

Attending the LionHeart painted buttercream workshop not only taught me a new, exciting technique – but furthermore, gave me such overall cake confidence! Nikki & Karmen provided us with so many wonderful tips and tricks to achieving a beautifully iced cake – all of which I use now, without fail, every time I decorate. I absolutely loved the workshop and cannot wait for the next one to come to Joburg!

– Jana Verster