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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we do is made to order according to our availability so get in touch sooner rather than later! We have a dedicated amount of bespoke cake order slots per week which fill up quickly, season depending.


Custom orders require you to get in touch at least 4 weeks prior where occasion cakes ordered through the website can be ordered with a shorter lead-time, depending on availability.

We specialise in creatively crafted buttercream cakes.


As awesome as they are, novelty cakes covered in fondant and adorned in figurines are not our thing! We will happily come up with a creative solution to incorporate your theme in ways that remain true to our style 😜


Take a scroll through our Instagram page, @sweet.lionheart, to get an idea of our style. 

We don't cover our cakes in fondant in the traditional way - we do use fondant to create abstract elements and textures 😉

Availability of specific fruit and flowers will vary seasonally but we will always try our best to suggest a suitable substitution if need be!


For bridal orders florals are best sourced by your florist and we apply when we deliver - should you want us to source there will be an additional fee.


For custom cake orders for birthdays tell us what colours to work with and we will source accordingly. 

Of course! Just use the description of the cake on Instagram to find it on our website when ordering. If you can’t find it just email us and we can help you out. 


Please note that each cake is a unique creative expression, with no cake being exactly the same. We create something unique and beautiful for you each time inspired by your flavour choice and design guidelines, never an exact replica. Please do not ask us to copy another cake designers work!

We recommend eating your cake within 48 hours of receiving it. If you are not having it the same day it’s best you wrap the entire cake box that it comes in with 2 to 3 layers of clingfilm before storing in the fridge. By doing this the cake is safe from fridge odours and helps any flowers to remain fresh. 


Note that once your cake has been delivered to your home or the specified venue, please store it safely in the fridge until the recommended time prior to serving (weather depending - cold days take out 3-6 hours prior, hot days take out an hour to an hour and a half prior to serving) so that cake can come to room temperature. No one likes cold cake!


It's really important that you bring the cake to room temperature before serving (do not microwave to do this). Make sure you keep it away from any form of heat or direct sunlight. 


Leftover cake freezes really well too, just FYI!

Yes, but we only deliver in the Cape Town area. Please note that delivery comes at an additional cost, which will be calculated from our studio to the drop-off point.

Delivery is charged at a premium rate as we use a dedicated driver that knows how to handle our orders and get it to you safely. 

For bridal orders we personally deliver and delivery rate is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

We have a tasty menu of flavour profiles for you to choose from! Click here to view our flavour chart where you can see descriptions of the flavours listed.

Click here for our price guide for an estimate of cost per serving should you wish to base your flavour choice on this!

The size of your cake will depend on how many servings it needs to be and those servings can either be a full dessert portion or a petite portion. Click here to view our size and serving guide.

We recommend dessert portions if you are serving the cake as dessert and petite portions if serving as cocktail servings or as part of a dessert table.

*NOTE: these servings are a guide - if you know you can eat a hefty slice of cake (let's be friends forever 👯) rather opt for a cake that gives you a few extra dessert servings!

You are quoted based on your cake design, flavour selection and cake size (we determine this by your amount of servings).


If you want us to deliver this will be an additional fee.

Yes we do! Bridal tastings and consultations will only be discussed if we have confirmed that we can assist for your big day and you have accepted a rough quote for your cake.


Options are as follows:


OPTION 1 | consultation only:

The bridal pair come in for a consultation with the cake designer 

  • R400 for a 45 minute consultation
  • R400 for an optional add-on of one graphic illustration of your cake design concept with one revision


OPTION 2 | consultation + in-kitchen tasting (limited to 4 pax):

The bridal pair come in to taste mini-cupcake tasters of the various flavour profiles selected and in addition have a 45 minute consultation with the cake designer.

  • R400 consultation fee + R150 for a single tasting (pick one flavour combo)
  • R400 consultation fee + R200 for a double tasting (pick two flavour combos)
  • R400 consultation fee + R280 for a triple tasting (pick three flavour combos)
  • R400 consultation fee + R370 for a quadruple tasting (pick four flavour combos)


  • R400 for an optional add-on of one graphic illustration of your cake design concept with one revision


OPTION 3 | taster box:

We put together a taster box of 6 or 12 tasters for you to do your bridal tasting in the comfort of your own home. Consultation for the big day will take place over email.

  • R150 for a single tasting (pick one flavour combo) - 6 tasters
  • R200 for a double tasting (pick two flavour combos) - 6 tasters (3 of each flavour profile)
  • R280 for a triple tasting (pick three flavour combos) - 6 tasters (2 of each flavour profile)
  • R310 for a triple tasting (pick three flavour combos) - 12 tasters (4 of each flavour profile)
  • R370 for a quadruple tasting (pick four flavour combos)  - 12 tasters (3 of each flavour profile)


*Please note that due to COVID-19 we are encouraging social distancing options 1 and 2 are currently not available. Only take-home taster boxes are allowed and can be either collected from our studio (please call us when you are outside and we will bring it to your car) or delivered to your home at an additional fee.

We do not rent out any stands, platters, cutting knives etc. This will need to be sourced by you or your decor team.

The cake does however come on a neatly finished off white (or black) cake board (if you have a look at our Instagram page you will see all our cakes come on this board).

Have a look at our range of sweet treats!

Yes, we do work in a kitchen that uses nuts and nut products. If you have a nut allergy please do be sure to inform us. We will try our best to not let your order get in contact with nuts but because we do work with nuts often we cannot guarantee this – ordering from us is entirely at your own risk.

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions.

In ordering and paying for your cake and sweet goodies you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions.


Due to COVID-19 & the need to social-distance we are unable to host physical workshops at this stage. We are taking all steps necessary to ensure our & your safety during these times.

In the meantime leave your email address below & we'll holler when we can have you over at our studio again!

PS: Don't forget about our online classes too!